Annual Report

The Annual Report details the financial position of the Jewish Community Foundation and provides highlights of the year. The annual audit report and quarterly interim financial data is available by emailing Kevin Taylor, Chief Financial Officer.

2016 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report

Investment Performance

Reports of the Foundation’s Investment Pool performance are made available each quarter by our consultants, Strategic Investment Group. Detailed performance figures for each investment manager are also available by contacting the Foundation office at (913) 327-8245. Questions about the Pool and its components can be directed to Kevin Taylor.

Common Investment Pool Performance Report
Long Term Pool Investment Report

Investment Allocation Options

The Foundation’s Common Pool is a blend of fixed income and equity managers. The goal of the Common Pool is liquidity and principal preservation. The target mix, as established by the Investment Committee, is 40% equities, 60% fixed income assets. While the Common Pool remains the recommended asset allocation, funds of $10,000 or more may be invested in one of our six alternative allocations:
One of the following may be chosen: 

Actively Managed Allocations (Utilized the manager hired by the Foundation)

  • 100% Equities Fund
  • 100% Fixed Fund
  • 20% Equities Fund, 80% Fixed Fund
  • 100% Money Market Fund
  • Long Term Pool (Core strategies target: 72% Equities Fund / 28% Fixed Fund.  However, additional strategies may include: Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS), Private Equity, Commodity Index Funds, and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs))

Passive Allocations (Utilizes index-based accounts - not actively managed)

  • 100% S&P 500 Index Fund
  • Aggressive Growth Fund (80% Equities, 20% Fixed)
  • Growth Fund (60% Equities, 40% Fixed)
  • Moderate Growth Fund (40% Equities, 60% Fixed)
  • Conservative Fund (20% Equities, 80% Fixed)

In order to choose one of these alternatives, the Non-Pool Investment Allocation Recommendation Form must be signed and sent to the Foundation office. Changes to your fund’s allocation can only be made twice a year, during the first 10 business days of July and January. Questions about options can be directed to Kevin Taylor.

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