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The Jewish Community Foundation is your partner in charitable giving. We offer easy, creative ways to make a significant impact with your tzedakah. Whether you’d like to memorialize a loved one, support a community organization in perpetuity or simply streamline your charitable giving, the Foundation is here to help you achieve your philanthropic goals.

By becoming a donor to the Jewish Community Foundation you can:

  • Honor or memorialize a special person
  • Strengthen your family tradition of philanthropy
  • Create a Jewish Legacy
  • Benefit the community for years to come
  • Centralize your giving
  • Make a gift and receive income for life
  • Support a favorite cause, organization or program
  • Use Foundation resources to evaluate and measure the impact of your giving.

Which of the following statements best describe your charitable giving goals?

I’m interested in making donations to multiple Jewish and secular organizations and simplifying my charitable giving.

I’d like to create a fund that supports a specific organization, area of interest or use, and/or limit the amount that may be spent from my fund.

I’d like to make a gift to the community and let the JCF board distribute funds to those who need it most.

I have at least $250,000 to invest and I’d like an alternative to a private foundation that receives the tax benefits of a public charity.

I want to Create a Jewish Legacy by making a gift that becomes effective at my death and/or pays me or someone else income for life.


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The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City and our website,, serve as a resource to help donors achieve their charitable and planned giving goals. We do not provide legal, tax, investment or other professional advice. For such advice, please contact your attorney or other professional advisor.

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