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Featured Partner: Village Shalom

Each month, we feature the current needs of a local community organization. Listed below are ways to support the important work of Village Shalom. If you have any questions or to make a donation, please contact Beatrice Fine.

· $60 pays for a Blue Ray player that would screen movies, provide access to the Internet, and provide games and activities for residents.

· $150 funds one new “chair volleyball” net and heavy balloons for residents living with dementia in the Shalom Suites and Great Days Social Club participants. Chair volleyball keeps wheelchair-bound residents active, engaged, and relieves anxiety.

· $300 pays for a portable projection screen for movies, meetings, events, and Village Shalom University classes.

· $450 funds a Smart TV used to enhance programming for the Shalom Suites 2/3 residents. Word association and trivia games are great activities for residents with dementia, and a Smart TV would create a visual aid to add to programs.

· $800 covers a new piano dolly for Village Shalom's front entrance’s grand piano. Moving the piano is a frequent occurrence, so having a dolly would save time and ensure the continued quality of the piano.

· $1,100 covers an Otis Spunkmeyer Commercial Oven with all the accessories (3 stainless steel cookie trays, cookie dough, oven mit, 200 paper bags, tongs, tray liners, and timer). This creates a more homelike environment for those residents living with dementia. The pleasant smell of cookies baking in the oven may provide a familiar and calming environment.

·$1,300 feeds 400 hungry runners after the 30th annual Father’s Day Run, which takes place on Sunday, June 18.

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