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$100 Ideas

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Vibrant produce used to feed the hungry

Current Community Needs

It doesn't take a lot of money to make a difference. Listed below are current community needs in the amount of $100. If you have any questions or to make a donation, please contact Beatrice Fine or log in to DonorCentral to give through your Donor Advised Fund.

$100 can provide:

  • A three-part life skills class for up to 25 newly arrived refugees covering the US healthcare system, public education system, and basic personal finance (JVS).
  • One hour of therapy, with an interpreter, so refugees not proficient in English can get treatment for PTSD related to the traumas of war (JVS).
  • Staffing the Midwest Center for Holocaust Education resource center after hours for two nights.
  • A school guest speaker or school supplies, including new library books (Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy).
  • Six PJ Library books for children in Kansas City (Jewish Federation).
  • Everything one child needs to go back school, including their coat, shoes, hat, gloves, jeans, shirt, underwear, socks, backpack, and all of their school supplies (National Council of Jewish Women).
  • A one-day subsidy for a college student attending the KU Leadership Seminar in Israel (KU Hillel).
  • Two weeks of after-school life skills workshops for Israeli youth in crisis (Jewish Federation).
  • A National Service of the IDF worker to help care for a young child at the Ramla Emergency Foster Home (Jewish Federation).
  • A month of kosher lunches for one senior adult at the Heritage Center (The J).
  • Snacks and materials for two Jewish holiday workshops for new Israeli immigrants (Jewish Federation).
  • Six swim lessons for a special needs child to develop skills, safety and self confidence in the water (The J).
  • 20 JET Express rides for older adults (Jewish Family Services).
  • Four family members with food for an entire month (Jewish Family Services).
  • 45 days of Help at Home services (Jewish Family Services).
  • Two hours of art therapy for a Jewish senior (Epsten Gallery).
  • Four needy seniors with Passover meals (Rabbinical Association).
  • A special needs child in the CDC with a paraprofessional for 7 hours (The J).
  • More than a month of lunches for a child in the CDC (The J).