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Open A Fund

The Jewish Community Foundation is your partner in charitable giving. We offer easy, creative ways to make a significant impact with your tzedakah. Whether you’d like to memorialize a loved one, support a community organization in perpetuity or simply streamline your charitable giving, the Foundation is here to help you achieve your philanthropic goals.

By becoming a donor to the Jewish Community Foundation you can:

  • Strengthen your family tradition of philanthropy
  • Connect your charitable interests with the needs of local nonprofits
  • Receive financial incentives that increase your ability to support your favorite causes
  • Create a Jewish Legacy and benefit the community for years to come
  • Honor or memorialize a special person
  • Centralize and streamline your giving
  • Take advantage of creative, strategic approaches to tax-wise giving, such as "bunching" charitable donations
  • Contribute alternative assets, such as appreciated securities or real estate
  • Use Foundation resources to evaluate and measure the impact of your giving


  • I’m interested in making donations to multiple Jewish and secular organizations and simplifying my charitable giving.
    You may be interested in a Donor Advised Fund.
  • I’d like to create a fund that supports a specific organization, area of interest or use, and/or limit the amount that may be spent from my fund.
    You may be interested in a Restricted Fund.
  • I’d like to make a gift to the community and let the JCF Board distribute funds to those who need it most.
    You may be interested in making a gift to the Community Legacy Fund.
  • I have at least $250,000 to invest and I’d like an alternative to a private foundation that receives the tax benefits of a public charity.
    You may be interested in a Supporting Foundation.
  • I want to Create a Jewish Legacy by making a gift that becomes effective at my death and/or pays me or someone else income for life.
    You may be interested in a "Planned" or Deferred Gift.

Not sure which type of fund is right for you? We're happy to help. Contact Josh Stein at (913) 327-8121 with any questions.

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