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White Theatre Grantor Fund

A theatre performance
A theatre performance


The purpose of the White Theatre Grantor Fund is to help defray the cost of technical and rental fees incurred by Jewish users of the Lewis and Shirley White Theatre at the Jewish Community Campus. Any Jewish non-profit agency or synagogue may apply. Grant applications are due July 31.

As the fund is meant to serve the entire Jewish community, no agency can receive more than 50% of the total funds available for a given year. Jewish agencies may apply for more than one program; however, each separate program will require a separate grant application and budget.

Application Instructions:

Applications are due July 31
If a deadline falls on a weekend, applications are due the next business day.
After this deadline, applications will also be accepted on a rolling basis, as needed, provided funds are still available. This provision is to accommodate agencies who determine a need 90 days before a program.

Please Note: Applicants using the Theatre must speak to Beatrice Fine at (913) 327-4618 and Jayson Chandley at (913) 327-8074 before applying. Communication with a trustee of the White Theatre Grantor Fund does not guarantee receipt of funding.

Submit applications to Beatrice Fine AND Antoinette Wells.

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