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Special Requests

Cute girl sipping soup
Cute girl sipping soup

Current Community Needs

Listed below are current community needs in the area of Special Requests. If you have any questions or to make a donation, please contact Beatrice Fine or log in to DonorCentral to give through your Donor Advised Fund.

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  • Friends of Sheffield Cemetery: Stone Pillar Restoration

    The Friends of Sheffield Cemetery seeks to restore the stone pillars at the front gate of Sheffield Cemetery that displays the names of the founders of the cemetery. The community is invited to help participate in this important mitzvah. Donations of all sizes will allow the donor's name to be inscribed on a special plaque which will be hung in the beautifully renovated Sheffield Chapel.

  • The J: Rock the Pool Challenge Grant

    J Camp of Kansas City was one of 29 projects chosen to receive the Harold Grinspoon Foundation's 2021 Jewish Day Camp Match to help Jewish camps invest in physical improvements. This matching grant will give $1 for every $2 raised (1:2) for gifts restricted for physical improvements for a maximum grant allocation of up to $20,000. The J is planning to add a rock wall and permanent shade structure at the pool.

  • The J/Jewish Community Campus: Handicap Accessible Doors

    The J is requesting funds for electric door openers for the new bathrooms in the expanded facility. This helps those with mobility issues and parents with strollers more easily access the bathrooms.

  • Jewish Family Services: Priya

    Priya provides emotional and financial support to Jewish families facing infertility issues. Since it began, more than 15 babies have been born with support. Priya’s services include counseling, support groups, and subsidies to help pay for fertility treatments or adoption fees for qualified Jewish households. Because infertility is a significant issue in the Jewish community, this program can have a long-term positive impact.

  • Jewish Vocational Service: Direct Assistance to Families

    JVS recently surveyed its clients to determine how the financial ramifications of the COVID-19 crisis have impacted them. 140 (70%) out of 200 clients reported job losses or wage reductions. Almost half reported experiencing food insecurity. JVS is raising funds to provide subsidies of up to $600 to help ameliorate the expenses of rent, groceries, medical bills, and other approved costs.

  • KU Hillel: Accounting Services

    KU Hillel is seeking funding to continue its partnership with Support KC, an organization which helps nonprofits with recordkeeping and accounting services. Support KC works with the KU Hillel Executive Director, Development Director and Board of Directors to make sure its finances are clear, easily understandable and consistent.

  • KU Hillel: Scrunchies

    Students being slipped date rape drugs is an unfortunate problem at many universities, including KU. To help prevent this issue, KU Hillel would like to order 500 custom drink covers that turn into hair scrunchies. The drink covers completely cover the drink to protect the student from someone bumping into them and slipping something dangerous in their drink. When not in use, the hair tie fits around their wrist and is completely reusable to continue keeping students safe. KU Hillel's custom design includes a hamsa and the slogan “keep your hands off my drink.” They will also educate their students about recognizing warning signs of gender-based violence.

  • Mikveh Association/KI for Community Mikveh

    According to the sages of the ancient Torah commentary, The Mishnah, having a mikveh is one of a community’s highest priorities. It is so important that a community was allowed to sell its Torah scrolls in order to build or maintain its mikveh. The mikveh serves the whole community, from those who are newly converted to those who observe the laws of ritual cleansing. Funding is needed for utilities, maintenance staff, and security.

  • Park University: Valor Medals Review

    Park University requests support for student-conducted research into World War I veterans who, despite deserving deeds, may have been unjustly denied high-level valor awards due to minority backgrounds (race, ethnicity, religions, etc.). While the US military has conducted systematic reviews for Medal of Honor awards to minority service members in all American wars subsequent to World War II, no such review has been made for World War I. With your help, Park University will complete research and recommendations for Jewish American World War I service members to the Valor Medals Review Task Force Recommendation Committee and appropriate service Secretary.

  • Village Shalom: Chair Volleyball Team T-shirts

    Chair volleyball, played with a beach ball, offers hours of laughter and stress relief for residents and has been a popular and safe activity during the pandemic. 2020 was an overwhelming and trying year, but the Village Shalom Spikers, as they’ve become known, survived and thrived thanks to the healing power of chair volleyball. Village Shalom has expanded the chair volleyball program to every care level throughout the campus, transforming the organization into a Nation of Spikers. It hopes to host and travel to other retirement facilities in the near future. As part of the program expansion, the Wellness Team would love to provide Spikers’ current and future participants with team t-shirts. Team shirts will build camaraderie, team spirit, boost morale, and show Village Shalom pride. The cost estimate for 147 team shirts is $1,200.