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Supporting Foundations

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Peaceful green leaves

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A Supporting Foundation is a nonprofit charitable corporation established in accordance with IRS regulations. Recognized as a public charity because of its legal affiliation with the Jewish Community Foundation, it receives the maximum tax benefits under law and is an excellent alternative to a private foundation.

  • A Supporting Foundation may be established with a minimum gift of $250,000 in cash, stock or other property. Necessary documents are filed to create a non-profit corporation.
  • Together with the Foundation, you can create a governing Board, which may include members of your family and other community members who are selected by the Jewish Community Foundation.

Some benefits of a Supporting Foundation at the Jewish Community Foundation:

  • You receive benefits similar to those of a private foundation, including significant organizational influence and an entity with perpetual life, capable of serving as the charitable vehicle for future generations of your family.
  • You avoid the excise tax and deduction limitations imposed on private foundations.
  • There is no minimum distribution requirement, so the Board controls the timing and size of grants.
  • As a separate charity, the Board of a Supporting Foundation has a great deal of flexibility in making grants. The Supporting Foundation may also make its own investment decisions and retain its own investment advisors, subject to annual review by the Jewish Community Foundation’s Investment Committee, for the protection of the Supporting Foundation’s favorable tax status.
  • All reporting and record-keeping is performed by the Jewish Community Foundation.

For more information contact Josh Stein at (913) 327-8121.

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