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Summer Experience Fund

Summer vacation essentials: hat, sunglasses and camera
Summer vacation essentials: hat, sunglasses and camera


The Summer Experience Fund makes an annual award to Jewish high school (open to 10th, 11th or 12th graders) or college student(s) from the Greater Kansas City area seeking to participate in an approved Jewish summer travel experience. Applications are due February 28.

The travel experience should encompass leadership development, community development or personal Jewish enrichment. Awards are based upon merit. Financial need may be taken into consideration.

The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage students with potential, but who are marginally “connected” to the Jewish community through participation in youth group, in their congregation, in JCC programs or in Hillel or other Jewish organizations on their college campus, to consider spending the summer immersed in a Jewish environment.

To help as many students as possible, multiple scholarships are awarded each spring.

Application Instructions:

Applications are due February 28.
If the deadline falls on a weekend, applications are due the next business day.
Please note: Prior recipients are not eligible.

Submit applications to Beatrice Fine  AND Antoinette Starks.

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