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Community Legacy Fund

A pile of colorful fall leaves
A pile of colorful fall leaves

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The Community Legacy Fund is comprised of contributions to the Foundation to help fund the community’s needs. Grants are awarded from the Community Legacy Fund to community agencies after review and evaluation by the Foundation’s Grants Committee and approval by the Board of Trustees.

The Community Legacy Fund awards grants which will enhance and maintain the quality of Jewish life in the Greater Kansas City area, and respond to emergency need in Jewish communities around the world. Beginning in 2018, the majority of grants made from the Community Legacy Fund support the general operating expenses (core expenses) of Jewish agencies in the Kansas City region. 

Community Legacy Fund Objectives

In an effort to have the greatest impact upon the Jewish community, the Community Legacy Fund maintains the following objectives:

  • To provide financial support for safety net services
  • To nurture a strong Jewish community by providing  underwriting for Jewish education, community relations, and cultural arts
  • To provide financial support for seed programs which meet an identified community need
  • To purchase equipment which enhances an organization’s general operations or programs
  • To provide core support for Jewish commual agencies
  • To provide support for programs which are essential to Jewish life in Kansas City

To make a gift to the Community Legacy Fund, contact Josh Stein at (913) 327-8121.

Community Legacy Fund Grants: Innovation/Emergency Cycle June 2021 - $81,438

  • COVID-19 Emergency Funding
  • The J: A Production of “Memphis”
  • JCRB/AJC: Educate to Prevent Initiative
  • Jewish Family Services: Navigator System
  • Jewish Vocational Service: Emergency Assistance for Clients
  • KU Hillel: Mental Health Initiative
  • Union Station: “Auschwitz. Not Long Ago. Not Far Away.”

Community Legacy Fund Grants: Core Cycle September 2020 - $209,700

  • Avodah: KC Community Initiative
  • BBYO: BBYO Connect Program
  • Community Kollel of Kansas City: Health and Liability Insurance
  • Gan Chabad TLC: Kansas City Kosher Meals on Wheels Audit
  • Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy: Scholarships
  • The J and Jewish Community Campus: Common Space Roe
  • The J: Youth Scholarships
  • JCRB/AJC: Programming
  • Jewish Family Services: Chaplaincy Program
  • Jewish Family Services: Pantry Rent and Technology
  • Jewish Family Services: Priya
  • Jewish Vocational Services: Workforce Development Staffing
  • Mikveh Association/KI: Community Mikveh
  • KU Hillel: Accounting Services
  • Midwest Center for Holocaust Education: Public Historian’s Compensation
  • Missouri Hillel: Staff Salaries - Benefits and Facility Upkeep
  • Moishe House: Support of the Kansas City House
  • Orthodox Union: Jewish Student Union
  • Overland Park Eruv: Operational Support
  • Rabbinical Association: Funding for the Part-Time Administrator
  • Vaad HaKashruth: Kosher Supervision Staffing
  • Village Shalom: Financial Assistance Program