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Board of Trustees

Who We Are

JCF Board of Trustees

The Jewish Community Foundation is successful thanks to the generosity of its donors, the professionalism of its staff and the commitment of its volunteers. The JCF brings together members of the community who volunteer their time and talents by serving on a variety of committees, which oversee the activities of the Foundation. Committees include Administrative, Audit, Development, Executive, Gift Acceptance, Grants, Investment, Marketing and Nominating.

The Jewish Community Foundation Board of Trustees & Staff
The Jewish Community Foundation Board of Trustees & Staff


Frank W. Lipsman, President
Edward J. Goldstein, Vice President
David R. Goodman, Vice President
James M. Klein, Vice President
Linda B. Lyon, Vice President
Alana R. Muller, Vice President
Robert V. Palan, Treasurer
Alice Jacks Achtenberg, Immediate Past President
Lauren Mattleman Hoopes, Executive Director & Secretary
Helene Lotman, Assistant Secretary


Ace Allen
Fay Balk
Carol Barnett
Louis Cohn
Sandi Fried
Martha Gershun
Michelle Goldsmith
Paul Greenwood
Joseph L. Hiersteiner
Susan Himmelstein
Pamela Kanter
Stewart S. Koesten
Peter S. Levi
Michael Liss
Karen A. Loggia
Lon J. Lowenstein
Jeffrey Mallin
Amanda Morgan, ex-officio
Lara Krigel Pabst
Scott B. Picker
Rosanne Rosen
Brian M. Scharf
David N. Sosland
Catherine D. Singer
Gary Weinberg
Annie Wishna

Life Trustees

Alice Jacks Achtenberg
Irvin V. Belzer
Merilyn Berenbom
Stanley J. Bushman
Ward A. Katz
William B. Lowenstein
Karen D. Pack
Michael A. Schultz
L. Joshua Sosland
Stanford A. Zeldin

Committee Chairs

Administrative Committee - Edward J. Goldstein
Audit Committee - Scott B. Picker
Executive Committee - Frank W. Lipsman
Grants Committee - Linda B. Lyon
Gift Acceptance Committee - Victor A. Bergman
Investment Committee - Brian Scharf
Marketing Committee - Martha Gershun
Nominating Committee - Alice Jacks Achtenberg
Program Committee - Merilyn Berenbom