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J-LEAD (Jewish Leadership Education Action & Development) is a giving circle for donors in their 20s, 30s and 40s. J-LEAD awards grants of $5,000 or less to each recipient. Applications must be for programs which have a positive impact on the Jewish community. Grant applications are due March 1.

Fund Objectives

  • Funding services and/or programs which are Jewish in nature
  • Supporting an organization whose purpose is to serve the Jewish community in the Greater Kansas City area
  • Supporting projects that are innovative and collaborative in nature

J-LEAD will NOT make grants to the following:

  • An individual Jewish congregation unless the program is collaborative and community-wide
  • A Jewish organization with a closely-related political action committee

Application Instructions:

Grant applicants are strongly encouraged to contact Beatrice Fine at (913) 327-4618 before applying for a grant.
Applications are due March 1.
If a deadline falls on a weekend, applications are due the next business day.

Should there be any questions regarding your proposal, a member of the J-LEAD Grants Committee may contact you via phone or letter requesting further information or an appointment or a site visit. The committee will review the applications and determine finalists. Finalists will be invited to present a brief overview of their grant application and answer questions at a meeting of J-LEAD membership.

The recipient of any grant from J-LEAD must use the funds awarded for the specific purpose(s) as outlined in the original grant proposal. J-LEAD requires a semi-annual report detailing expenditures to date, planned expenditures and interim results of the program. Additionally, J-LEAD may ask for one to two site visits during the year.

Submit applications to Beatrice Fine  AND Antoinette Wells.

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