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Donor Advised Fund Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is a minimum balance required once my Fund has been established?

    No. There is no minimum fund balance required.

  • Is a minimum contribution amount required after my Fund has been established?

    No. You may make additional contributions of any amount at any time.

  • When is a contribution considered a charitable donation?

    A contribution is complete when ownership of the asset is transferred to the Foundation. For gifts of cash (checks) that are sent via mail, this is the postmark date. For gifts of stock, this is the date the shares are transferred from your account to the Foundation’s account.

  • What will I need for my tax records?

    Each time you make a contribution to the Foundation, you receive a tax receipt letter - that’s all you need.

  • What are the fees?

    The Foundation charges an annual administrative fee that is assessed to the fund monthly. A portion of administrative fees are reinvested in the Jewish community through philanthropic education programs, including those for emerging leaders, such as B’nai Tzedek and J-LEAD, and the Create a Jewish Legacy program which helps ensure the sustainability of our communal organizations through planned gifts.

  • Who receives the investment earnings?

    Virtually all Donor Advised Funds are invested in one of the Foundation’s investment pools. Earnings from these pools are credited to your Donor Advised Fund tax-free, potentially giving you more to give away.

  • Which charities may receive grants from my Fund?

    Any IRS-approved 501(c)(3) charity may receive a grant from your Fund.

  • Are there any limitations on grants that can be made from my fund?

    You may recommend as many grants as you wish throughout the year. The minimum grant amount is $100. If you are making a grant to a B’nai Tzedek Fund or a memorial gift to a local Jewish agency, the $100 minimum is waived and you may make a grant in any amount.

  • How often are grants processed?

    Grant recommendations are processed weekly. Requests made by 5:00 pm on Wednesday will result in a check mailed to the organization on Friday of the same week.

  • How do I recommend a grant?

    • Through our Donor Central online fund portal. Enter your unique password for secure access.
    • By e-mailing a donor services staff member.
    • By phoning a donor services staff member at (913) 327-8285.
    • By faxing a grant recommendation form to our office at (913) 327-8273.

  • How can I view my Fund activity?

    You may view Fund activity any time on our secure Donor Central online fund portal. You may also call our office for updated information at (913) 327-8245.

  • Will I receive statements?

    You will receive quarterly Fund statements. Statements are available within three weeks following the end of the quarter and are available online or by U.S. mail, whichever you choose.

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