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2023 Year-end Giving Calendar

In order to best serve you during this busy season, please keep the following deadlines in mind when doing your 2023 year-end giving:

Grants From Your Fund
To ensure delivery of your grant prior to year end, please submit your grant requests as soon as possible.

Contributions In To Your Fund (To be eligible for a 2023 tax deduction)

  • Checks must be received in the JCF office by 4:30 pm on Friday, December 29, or if placed in the mail, postmarked by December 31.
  • Stock must be received into a JCF account by December 31. Stock transfer times vary, so if you are planning to make a stock gift this year, please contact both your broker and our CFO Kevin Taylor at (913) 327-8134 to ensure timely handling of your donation. Please be sure to notify our office of the security you plan to donate so we can match your gift with your fund.
  • Please be mindful that fund managers often take longer to process gifts of Mutual Fund shares to charitable organizations than stocks. Be sure to initiate these gifts early.
  • Credit Cards will be accepted any time, but keep in mind that the transaction must be posted to your credit card account by December 31. Credit card company processing times vary, so make sure to initiate your credit card donation early.

If you have any questions please contact Kevin Taylor at (913) 327-8134.

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